Nothing beats the class and sheer beauty of natural stone & marble floor. However, over time, particularly if there’s serious pedestrian traffic, stone’s surface will tarnish, so its beautiful natural finish end up looking dirty. Dirt and dust, if allowed to linger, are often abrasive.

But if you retain your real stone floor clean and well maintained, you’ll expect years of durability and visual attractiveness. Here are the some tips for your stone floor that you will be able to do simply and cheaply yourself…

    • Check the sealing protection on your flooring when it’s initially installed, and frequently thereafter. Some floors may have to be resealed atlas every few years.
    • Use a soft mop or a vacuum with a “Hard Floor” setting, not a rotating brush.
    • Weekly, mop with a detergent that’s specifically developed for stone – Check with manufacturer for recommended caring product
    • Try to keep dirt off the surface by placing mats on your entrance, and regularly vacuum and brush off dirt out of the mats. Also consider not wearing your outdoor shoes inside.
    • Try to clean off spills, immediately as if left for time, it will leave stain.
    • Do not use abrasive cleaning products that can scratch the stone’s surface or remove the shine. Take extra care, as cleaners based with lemon and vinegar, are acidic, and can damage the stone floor’s sealant, also wax can ruin natural stone flooring’s finish.

Whats the difference between doing it yourself and hiring a expert for cleaning stone floor and cleaning marble floor?

As most cleaning and caring routine can be handled by yourself, however using a professional expert for your stone floor cleaning or marble floor cleaning / polishing you will be able to witness a massive difference to its durability and appearance as professional stone and marble cleaners have the right equipment and the know-hows to remove dirt from the stone’s pores to retain its natural features and protect from damages.

Stone Proshine, offers professional stone floor cleaning and marble cleaning and restoration in across London and various areas nationwide with professional high standards, high-tech equipments, professionally tested techniques and relevant cleaning & sealing products that suits the type of flooring being worked on.

Use us for stone and marble cleaning in London with confidence – we’re certified to the ISO: 9001 standard for our care for the environment, are fully insured and our work has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Feel free to contact us for a FREE quotation!