Natural material like stone always brings in elegance. But, in a long period of time if the stone was used for flooring and there was heavy trafficking to the floor. The stone surface can dis-colour.

If you keep the stone floor cleaned and maintained, durability and the visual appearance of the stone will last for years.

Here are some tip you can do cheaply and effectively yourself:

  • Day to day basis cleaning use a soft mop.
  • Check the sealing on your flooring after its been mounted and thereafter because some floors need re-sealing after a couple of years,
  • Mop the floor every week using a detergent which is suitable for the floor.
  • Spill do happens, when they do clean it up straight away
  • Please do not wear your outside shoes
  • Never used acidic cleaning products


Why you need professional for cleaning stone floor and cleaning marble floor ?

While you can handle routine cleaning yourself, using a professional for your stone floor cleaning or marble floor polishing will make a huge difference to its longevity and appearance. A professional will have the equipment and skills to remove dirt from the stone’s pores so that this natural material stays looking its best.

At Stone Proshine, we offer stone floor cleaning and marble restoration in varied settings across London and the surrounding area to an extremely high standard, using tried and tested techniques and cleaning and sealing products depending on the type of flooring we are working on.

Use us for stone and marble cleaning in London with confidence – we’re certified to the ISO: 9001 standard for our care for the environment, are fully insured and our work has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Contact us for a free quotation!