Marble flooring in a property enriches the whole environment inside. Consider yourself lucky if you have a marble floor.
Marble is a highly durable, meaning it lasts longer than any other cheap kind of flooring. However installing a marble floor is more costly, but this natural stone last up to five times longer than other alternatives.
Mopping a marble floor after a spillage is simple because marble resists moisture. Marble is also resistant to bacteria.
If you have marble flooring, you’ll want to keep it in the best condition for many years

Here are few tips to help on marble floor cleaning.

  • Don’t use any kind of vacuum cleaner on your marble floor.
  • Add a sealant if you have heavy traffic over the floor.
  • Marble consists of calcium carbonate, mildly acidic substance such as vinegar or even water can damage the marble over a period time. Use neutral pH substances and those, which are acid free to clean the floor.
  • If you don’t have neutral pH cleaner, mop the floor with warm water.
  • Man-made cleaners designed for ceramic tiles are no good on marble.


Have rugs in your entrance to the room, to gather the dirt and other abrasive material which could end up scratching the floor. Make sure there is no chemical reaction the through the rug which could eventually discolour the marble.
While routine maintenance and cleaning shouldn’t be problematic, if your floor has a build-up of etching or a waxy coating, you may need to have the whole surface rebuffed with professional marble floor cleaning, polishing and marble restoration services.