Marble is known as one of the most prestigious natural stones. Whenever you walk into a executive office floor or a hotel that strategically places marble, you feel ashough you have entered a rather prestigious place. The same applies to your home where the marble can be placed in living rooms or other places where visitors will see it.

Even though it is thought to be such a hardwearing material, it is actually a very soft, and can stain easily. A spilled glass of wine for example could be easily soaked up by the marble and damage it greatly. Marble is known as a very porous material which means that all the pores within the marble can soak up whatever is dropped on it. This means that when a spill does occur, swift action is necessary, which we have sadly noticed a lot of people are not engaging in. 

It is important that you do not wipe the spill with a dry cloth, this will usually just stain more of the surface area and thus just cause more of the marble to soak. The best course of action is to bloat the marble to ensure that the stain does not get spread. Once you have bloated the stain to the best way possible, it is important to dillute down the area with any clean water to thin out the unseen residue and then dry it thoroughly.

It is important to note that you should not under any circumstances use acidic cleaners such as the ones that dissolve lime scale. These acidic substance cleaners will not only harm you marble, they will also irreparable harm it. The best cleaner in these situations are cleaners that are specifically crafted for marble, acid free or clean water,