If you are looking for marble cleaning London then you have landed at right place. As we are coming to the end of the cooler months, you can expect the weather to take their toll on the outside of your home, from frost and rain to moss and weed growth.

As most homes in the UK, are made from natural materials like shale and clay bricks made from the process called vitrification in the kiln which means its clay particles are fused together. This makes it an incredibly durable material. Furthermore it stays durable with little maintenance and its fire, wind and moisture protected.

However, little maintenance doesn’t mean no maintenance, and, from time to time, your natural brick will need some TLC, whether it’s inside or outside your property.

A great example, would be, the rain, which can leave water stains made up of calcium carbonate, so we use acid-based cleaner to remove it. Take note to, stay away from using muriatic acid, as it can bleach or stain many colours of brick and corrode aluminium window frames.

One way to clean your exterior brickwork is to use a hard bristle brush, with good old soap and water. This should remove quite a lot of dirt and grime and also any oily residues, be sure the bristles aren’t too harsh, and don’t scrub too vigorously. For very heavy soiling, an alkaline de-gresasant may also work.

However depends on the type of bricks, chemicals may permanently damage your brickwork and instead we suggest to use hot steam pressure washer.

The Marble Cleaning London

Pressure or jet washing removes more than just loosely sticking dirt, and it’s the only cleaning method that really works using water alone. Without that high pressure, water can’t break the siliceous bond with which dirt clings to the surface.

As most marble cleaning london and caring routine can be handled by yourself, by hiring a jet washing equipment and carrying out the task yourself, but if not done correctly, you risk of damaging the appearance of your exterior brickwork, which can lead to costly repairs, however using a professional expert for your brick cleaning and care you will be able to witness a massive difference to its durability and appearance as professional cleaners have the right equipment and the know-hows to remove dirt from the brickworks to retain its natural features and protect from damages.

Stone Proshine, offers professional brick cleaning and restoration in across London and various areas nationwide with professional high standards, high-tech equipments, professionally tested techniques and relevant cleaning & sealing products that suits the type of brick being worked on.

Use us for stone and marble cleaning in London with confidence – we’re certified to the ISO: 9001 standard for our care for the environment, are fully insured and our work has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Feel free to contact us for a FREE quotation!