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Six Top tips for Stone & Marble Floor cleaning

Nothing beats the class and sheer beauty of natural stone & marble floor. However, over time, particularly if there’s serious pedestrian traffic, stone’s surface will tarnish, so its beautiful natural finish end up looking dirty. Dirt and dust, if allowed to linger, are often abrasive.

But if you retain your real stone floor clean and well maintained, you’ll expect years of durability and visual attractiveness. Here are the some tips for your stone floor that you will be able to do simply and cheaply yourself…

    • Check the sealing protection on your flooring when it’s initially installed, and frequently thereafter. Some floors may have to be resealed atlas every few years.
    • Use a soft mop or a vacuum with a “Hard Floor” setting, not a rotating brush.
    • Weekly, mop with a detergent that’s specifically developed for stone – Check with manufacturer for recommended caring product
    • Try to keep dirt off the surface by placing mats on your entrance, and regularly vacuum and brush off dirt out of the mats. Also consider not wearing your outdoor shoes inside.
    • Try to clean off spills, immediately as if left for time, it will leave stain.
    • Do not use abrasive cleaning products that can scratch the stone’s surface or remove the shine. Take extra care, as cleaners based with lemon and vinegar, are acidic, and can damage the stone floor’s sealant, also wax can ruin natural stone flooring’s finish.

Whats the difference between doing it yourself and hiring a expert for cleaning stone floor and cleaning marble floor?

As most cleaning and caring routine can be handled by yourself, however using a professional expert for your stone floor cleaning or marble floor cleaning / polishing you will be able to witness a massive difference to its durability and appearance as professional stone and marble cleaners have the right equipment and the know-hows to remove dirt from the stone’s pores to retain its natural features and protect from damages.

Stone Proshine, offers professional stone floor cleaning and marble cleaning and restoration in across London and various areas nationwide with professional high standards, high-tech equipments, professionally tested techniques and relevant cleaning & sealing products that suits the type of flooring being worked on.

Use us for stone and marble cleaning in London with confidence – we’re certified to the ISO: 9001 standard for our care for the environment, are fully insured and our work has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Feel free to contact us for a FREE quotation!


Top effective ways to care for your Marble Fireplace

Having a marble fireplace in your property, you’ll appreciate that cleaning is easier compared to Marble Floor cleaning any other sort of fireplace.
Marble fireplace can look dull and lifeless if it is not looked after. It is an easy task to be put off, especially if you don’t know how to clean it.
With the right approach, and a little understanding, your marble fireplace can continue looking its best for years to come.

  • Marble is highly absorbent, so will be reactive to any liquids which find themselves on the surface, this is the first thing to understand about marble.
  • Use substances, which are suited for marble cleaning and nothing that’s going to be overly abrasive, so that your surface is not damaged.
  • Use cloth made out of microfiber preferably, to remove superficial dirt before you do anything else. Keep an eye out for coffee mug ring stains and sooty smudges in particular.
  • Dip a soft cloth into distilled water and wipe gently around surface for the more immovable stains, working particularly hard on the more heavily stained areas
  • If marks still showing through, use a cleaning product especially made for marble cleaning. Please read the instructing thoroughly before applying to it the floor
  • We clean our homes with various all-purpose cleaners, and they seem to do the job well. But they may not work for marble fireplaces.


Specifically, avoid:
Baking soda – it’s abrasive and could spoil the finish of your fireplace.
White vinegar– the acid in it can damage the surface of your marble.
Limescale removers – again, these tend to be very acidi


Marble floor cleaning top tips

Marble flooring in a property enriches the whole environment inside. Consider yourself lucky if you have a marble floor.
Marble is a highly durable, meaning it lasts longer than any other cheap kind of flooring. However installing a marble floor is more costly, but this natural stone last up to five times longer than other alternatives.
Mopping a marble floor after a spillage is simple because marble resists moisture. Marble is also resistant to bacteria.
If you have marble flooring, you’ll want to keep it in the best condition for many years

Here are few tips to help on marble floor cleaning.

  • Don’t use any kind of vacuum cleaner on your marble floor.
  • Add a sealant if you have heavy traffic over the floor.
  • Marble consists of calcium carbonate, mildly acidic substance such as vinegar or even water can damage the marble over a period time. Use neutral pH substances and those, which are acid free to clean the floor.
  • If you don’t have neutral pH cleaner, mop the floor with warm water.
  • Man-made cleaners designed for ceramic tiles are no good on marble.


Have rugs in your entrance to the room, to gather the dirt and other abrasive material which could end up scratching the floor. Make sure there is no chemical reaction the through the rug which could eventually discolour the marble.
While routine maintenance and cleaning shouldn’t be problematic, if your floor has a build-up of etching or a waxy coating, you may need to have the whole surface rebuffed with professional marble floor cleaning, polishing and marble restoration services.


The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on cleaning marble countertops

If you are cleaning marble tiling or countertops, you’ll love this elegant natural stone and the way the veining in it creates an impression of movement.

But, especially in the kitchen, it’s understandable if you have concerns over this porous material’s susceptibility to etching and staining.

Here are some hints to help.

  • Etching happens when an acidic substance for example lemon juice or tomato ketchup is spilt. If it has not been cleaned straight away the acid will react with the stone’s calcium carbonate, leaving permanent such as dull spots. These marks can be visible if the lighting hits the surface.
  • Acidic products such as bleach should be kept away from the stones and don’t use any abrasive cleaning products.
  • Using soapy water and a soft cloth will clean your countertop, however any etching or stains on that have diffused through the surface will still show. If you have a glossy effect surface the marking will be more recognised.
  • To prevent etching, lightly damp the surface and scatter the marble polishing powder. Work this into the stone until the mark has gone.
  • A professional maybe required to remove the marking.
  • Seal it up, A spray sealant applied on a monthly basis reduces stains and etching. Stains are bound to occur on a day to day basis. Here’s what to do:
    1. Water spots and rings can be carefully buffed with dry steel wool
    2. organic stains (tea, food, fruit, coffee) use a few drops of ammonia and 12% hydrogen peroxide.
    3. Oil-based stains (like cooking oil and grease) can be cleaned with a gentle cleaner.
    4. Smoke can be removed with specialist products or ask for professional advice. Rust can be removed with a poultice but these are hard stains to get rid of, and maybe permanent.
    5. Paint stains, if they are small, can be removed with a lacquer thinning product, or use a razor blade to scrape off carefully.


Looking for marble cleaning in London?
If all the above sounds complicated, and you’re concerned about damaging your marble countertops, we don’t blame you. Some aspects of marble restoration and marble polishing are definitely best left to the professionals.
At Stone Proshine, we offer marble cleaning in London and the surrounding areas. We work to the highest environmental standards, and have many years’ experience across a wide range of premises. With our unique diamond pads, we can remove all marks promptly and safely, giving you peace of mind – and one less thing to worry about.



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